Civil War Cannon Restoration
Completed Project
Project Description
Civil War Cannon
This project funded the restoration of the historically significant Civil War cannon in the amount of $18,752. The total project cost was estimated at $23,441, with the Scituate Historical Society providing 20% of the funding for this project.

The cannon was dedicated in 1915 on the 50th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, in memory of Town residents who served in that terrible conflict. The Civil War cannon now stands in front of Scituate’s newly restored Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall.

This project fully meets the requirements of the Town’s CPC goals for historical resources by recognizing, preserving and enhancing the historical heritage and character for the Town’s current residents and future generations.
The Civil War cannon in front of the GAR Hall on Country Way has a long and interesting history. It was cast in 1863 during the Civil War and this type of cannon was used by both the North and South. The cannon was brought to Scituate in the early 1920's and was placed in front of the hall where it stayed for many decades. When the hall was purchased by the Scituate Historical Society from the Town in 1996, the cannon was stored away for safe keeping until it could be restored. Community Preservation funds were used to completely restore the cannon and to fabricate an authentic carriage.

Courtesy of The Scituate Historical Society
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